28th February, 2017, Join Us In Araria Massive protest aganist killings in Raharia and public hearing on Police Accountability

Kamayani Swami, ex General Secretary of JJSS has been nominated to the Central Employment Guarantee Council

2014 Updates - Read About the Activities of JJSS in 2014. Abbki Baar Humara Adhikar, May Day 2014, Cycle Yatras...


25th November 2013 - Pension Parishad one month sit-in to start in Jantar Mantar, Delhi.

The elderly from across the country have been assembling at Jantar Mantar during every parliament session since April 2012 to demand universal pension that would enable the elderly in our country to live with dignity.


November 2013 – Kam Maango Abhiyan in Katihar district as part of the initiative of the PAG (Programme Advisory Group), set up by the Central Government

The PAG has been set up to revive the NREGA across the country, Ashish and kamayani (of the JJSS) are part of National Resource Groups created as part of the PAG.

November-December 2013: Social Audit of Mid Day Meal scheme in Bihar

An initiative of the Central Government and SSAT (AP) of which JJSS is one of the support organisations in Bihar.

2nd February, 2014 – Nation wide mobilisation of the Rashtriya Mazdoor Adhikar Morcha, in Delhi on the poor state of NREGA

The Morcha was formed after the first national convention of the Rozgar Guarantee Sangharsh manch in Bhopal from 18-20th September, 2013. JJSS has been active int he formation of the Manch and hopes that it will be able to build workers’ representatives to take up their own issues


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Welcome to Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan

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Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan (JJSS) (formerly Jan Jagaran Abhiyaan) is a registered trade union of unorganised sector workers. It is active in few districts of North Bihar. Today its an uphill task for people to even submit a job application under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). Many other entitlements provided by the state do not reach people and cause millions to live under abject poverty. JJSS mobilizes rural poor to demand better services from the government and to get the existing entitlements as laid down by the various legislations. JJSS aims to bring about a larger change in the lives of rural poor by means of “sangharsh” (struggle) and “nirman” (constructive activities).

JJSS grew from an intensive survey on NREGA initiated by the G.B. Pant Institute (Allahabad University) and Prof. Jean Dreze, in May, 2008. The survey focused on assessing ground realities of NREGA in two districts of Bihar, namely Kaimur and Araria. The survey also had related campaign activities like awareness generation, checking if transparency safeguards were in place to check corruption and documentation of irregularities and cases of corruption.

The survey showed high levels of lack of awareness about NREGA entitlements. As part of checking the transparency safeguards the survey team also did muster roll verification exercise (kind of social audit) and found a leakage of about 50 % in wages that have been paid.

These activities generated a lot of interest amongst local groups and people who were genuinely interested in issues of social change. This interest became the basis of the formation of the 'Jan Jagaran Abhiyan', Araria and was later renamed to Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan (JJSS). JJSS currently focuses on NREGA, Right to Information (RTI) and issues of justice. 

JJSS does not take institutional funds. It runs on individual donations from friends, supporters and well wishers. If you want to support our activities, you can send us your contribution in Indian Rupees. Please see the contribute section for details.